Director: Professor Mark S. Fox

New Research Centre: Centre for Social Services Engineering.

For the past thirty years, the Enterprise Integration Laboratory has investigated the use of Information Technology to create a business infrastructure enabling the dissemination of information, coordination of decisions, and management of actions to and among people and systems within the organization and outside of it.

EIL research explores the creation of Enterprise Integration concepts in a bi-directional manner, in that it is simultaneously theory and application driven; an underlying philosophy to this research is that solving real problems leads to breakthrough research. Our basic research has explored topics such as: Ontologies for Enterprise Modelling, Agent Architectures and Coorindation and Constraint-Directed Scheduling, and applied them to problems such as Supply Chain Management, Knowledge-Based Design and Enterprise Engineering.

Our current research focuses on Smart Cities with an emphasis on:

  • Ontologies for the modelling and analysis of cities.
  • Ontologies for Global City Indicators.
  • Ontologies for the representation of 311 city knowledge.
  • Reasoning architectures for the causal analysis of crowdsourced data.
  • Incorporating the crowd in government decisions.

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Please go to to access our publicly available ontologies.

Major Projects

Global City Indicator Ontologies Working Papers Series:

The following working papers define the Global City Indicator Ontologies. The goal is to provide a complete set of ontologies for representing the ISO 37120 City Indicators. Working papers will be posted for each indicator theme (e.g., Education, Innovation, Shelter, Transportation, etc.) as they are completed. Working papers are meant to be living documents that will be updated from time to time to include additions and modifications.

Latest Publications: